Racing Name: 
Nighthawk Lady
19 years
Lower Hutt
Cat Trainable: 

Lady, now Lacey took over the couch from the moment she arrived. She is full of character, loves stirring up Kipa, the Otterhound and turns herself inside out when she sees other dog’s on our frequent walks. She has spinning down to a fine art. Her behavior is the same when she sees some of favorite people at dog shows as well. She is a pleasure to own and has a really enthusiastic attitude to life. Thanks GAP for letting me have this wee treasure everyone loves.
Update: Lacey is doing just great. Here is a picture of her begrudgingly sharing her couch
In Memory of Lacey: I lost Lacey yesterday. She just stopped eating and then drinking. Spent the day at the vet last Friday but did not respond to her medication. She was a lovely little girl and until last week at 13.5 was still running at the park like a much younger dog. Thanks to GAP for letting me have this precious girl to share my couch for the last 8 years.
RIP Lacey

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