Racing Name: 
Our Patch
21 years
White & Brindle

July 2014: It's official. Our greyhound Patch has gone to doggie heaven. 3 months shy of
16 years. What a life. A champion racer in New Zealand in his first life. When Brenda went to the greyhound rescue organization in New Zealand to adopt a dog, it took one look and Patch was it. Regal, an athlete and a look in his eyes that told you he connected with humans. His second life started with us at age 7. Patch found our couch within an hour of arriving at his new human home. Doggie heaven on earth for our boy. Walks with Patch were unlike any other dog. On leash until the park where, once off leash, he would sprint in a giant oval, so fast away and then always back to you. A truly amazing sight repeated every day until his senior years took the sprint out of his legs. We used to look at him and comment that he really wasn't a dog. He didn't sit, fetch or play with a ball (although he would chase after fury little animals). He didn't bark when people approached the house (ok he didn't bark at all). He hated to go the winery - cement floors and pickup trucks were not Patch's idea of fun. But he was a dog. Our dog, our stud. He was a great companion and a part of the family who will be missed.

Patch (Our Patches) turned 14 in October and has slowed lately. He is still mischievous as ever!!! and a happy old man, and every now and then Patch opens it up at the park, and we see a little of the racer he used to be. He is an amazing member of our family!

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