Racing Name: 
Zinger'S Revenge
19 years
Cat Trainable: 

In Memory of Rosie - January 2015
Just a quick email to you to let you know that our beloved Rosie (Zinger's Revenge) passed away peacefully on Friday 2 January after a very brief and undiagnosed illness, just a couple of months shy of her 14th birthday.
I would like to thank the wonderful people at GAP for bringing her into our lives, and we were grateful to be able to give her another ten more years than she may have otherwise had.

Rosie had a wonderful xmas with us all, and received lots of yummy gifts. She will be sorely missed by us, her brother Tiny and sister Gypsy, and by her wider GAP-family of humans and non-humans. She was well known and loved as the first dog to be adopted from the GAP programme, and was a wonderful ambassador for the breed at her many outings at local events.

Thank you to everyone.


Christine & Steve

Update from my new home
Rosie is the cuddliest, calmest and most gentle dog I've owned (especially compared to her servant, Tiny - a golden retriever/german shepherd cross). People are constantly amazed by her affection and find themselves absent mindedly patting her as she adheres to their side, nose ever at the ready to nuzzle a reminder in case the patting stops!

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