GAP is excited to introduce our two new team members. Abbie and Rachel will be joining as Rehoming Team Leads in the Upper North Island and South Island. They both come with a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are looking forward to having them on board.

Abbie Douglas is our new Rehoming & Operations Team Lead – Upper North Island. You can contact her by email

"Hello everyone - I'm Abbie and I’m super excited to have joined the Greyhounds as Pets team.

I initially volunteered and then worked as a Canine Attendant at Auckland SPCA for three years handling many unsocialised dogs. My primary role in facilitating adoptions has provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience to help transition Greyhounds into pet homes and to support volunteers and new owners to ensure it’s as smooth an experience as possible. I’ve spent the last year living in the Wairarapa in Greytown with two of my dearest friends and owners of Dog Days where I helped to co-manage their boarding kennels, providing a safe, fun and enriching place for dogs. This was where I properly met my first Greyhounds and I can’t quite believe how divine they are! I’ve recently moved back up to Auckland out near Bethells Beach and I’m excited to start building more of a GAP presence in Auckland. I’m passionate about science based dog training, providing enjoyable and effective dog owner education and increasing adoptions by being open minded, removing barriers and setting owners up for success. My dog Murray recently took part in behavioural studies at the Clever Canine Lab and is quoted as being “one of the friendliest and happiest dogs we’ve had here”. While Murray is clearly not a Greyhound he does share their love of naps, soft furnishings, and warm pyjamas and he would like it noted that he is looking forward to showing Greyhounds all the comforts pet life has to offer."

Rachel Foster is our new Rehoming Team Lead – South Island. You can contact her by email

"My name is Rachel Foster and I am most excited to join the GAP team. I live with my husband and 4 sons, 12yrs, 10yrs and 6yrsx2, in North Canterbury, we share our home with 1 dog, 2 cats, 4 goats, a pair of Cape Barren geese, Orpington chickens, Miniature Zebu Cattle, Finnish Landrace and Damara Sheep. We also foster cats and kittens for our local Catcare.

I have been around greyhounds since age 3, when my parents bought their first racing greyhound and I have fond memories of many dogs, many racetracks and many greyhound people, and I developed a lifelong love of the greyhound breed. My parents are still involved with greyhound racing.

I have worked as a vet nurse, studied Animal Behaviour at Massey University, worked as a canine attendant and then Shelter Manager at Auckland SPCA, managed Animal Control for Auckland City Council, been a warranted SPCA Inspector and worked as a welfare advisor on the set of Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, overseeing the horses used on set.

I believe a dog should be a valued and enjoyable member of the family, and I look forward to working with the very professional and passionate GAP team to achieve this for the greyhounds entrusted to our care."


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