Checking in on some of our recent  adoptions to see how they are settling into their new lives...

Welcome Home, Bryton!

"Bryton has completely settled in now. It didn't take her long at all before she took over the house. She's so relaxed about things, it's a constant surprise. Even the fireworks...she lifted her head at the first couple, then went back to sleep.

We have been taking her around to my mum's place to meet a couple of smaller dogs, who she has no interest in. Cats however, are her favourite thing in the world. She changes completely at the slightest hint of a cat, even on TV. We found it funny that we thought she wouldn't be treat motivated. She loves anything, we have had to be very careful and start some serious training around food. She jumps on the bed at 6am on the dot every day knowing that it's time to be fed, and then after we get ready, she's waiting at the door for her walk.  Nothing could have been done better (by GAP). It's been a great experience, although I think we got lucky. She just relaxes into any situation and goes with it. As long as she can see one of us she's happy." Regan, Canterbury

Welcome Home, Goose!

"Goose is settling in really well. It’s been fantastic. We’ve discovered a field near by that’s fully fenced were we can let her run around with her sister Boo. We broke her the other day and I had to carry her to the car! She has been an absolute blessing and has helped me tremendously with my mental health, and gives me a reason to get out and do things. I absolutely adore her and can’t wait for the many years to come!" 

Rianne, Hamilton

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