Sunny has settled in extremely well and he and Penny (Rottweiler) have become great friends and are always together.  We took him to the Lake earlier this week and he walked into the water as if he had done it all his life.  He is walking very well on lead, does a "sit€ with a little encouragement and will go to his "mat and stay€.  He "waits€ for his food and he and Penny show no aggression while eating or playing with toys.  He is such a joy.  I am going to be using him for Pet Therapy and he has already been for his first visit.

He loves the car and at times we have to sneak out to try and beat him to the car, but he is learning that when he is put onto his "mat€ and told to "stay€ that he won't be coming with us this time.

I plan on putting him through the Canine Good Citizen course (Penny is CGC Gold) as I train it at our club here in Rotorua.

Julie Cowell

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