We picked up Cleo on Thursday.  The poor baby had just come out of surgery after having 12 teeth removed - however, she settled into our home and straight into our hearts instantly.  
She travelled from Levin to Masterton well - she loved looking out the windows, and was very happy and excited to be in the car.  We stopped once for her to stretch her legs. 
Once we got her home and we had shown her around the yard and house, I put her own things down (duvet and pillow) which she came with, however, she went straight into the lounge and sprawled out and went to sleep on the carpet.  My 19yr old son, Jake (who doesn't live at home any more), was around in a flash after he finished work to meet her. 

She hasn't shown any signs of stress or pining.  She hasn't lost her appetite or had the squirts.  There has been no trouble with her taking her medication (antibiotics post teeth removal) - and she will finish this course of antibots tomorrow.  
We walk everyday - which she just loves.  We have a very large section - which she runs, jumps and frolics in when I'm out there playing with her/hanging out washing. 
She has her own beanbag (which she loves), her duvets and pillow, and her own couch (Cleo needed a Cleopatra couch!). 

I absolutely love this dog to bits.  There is always a battle between Kurt and I as to who gets to hold the lead to take her on her walks! 
Cleo is the supermodel of the doggie world, and has the sweetest nature to match her looks.  It is so nice to come home and have a very happy dog, super excited to see you - standing at the gate with her happy face and happy tail.  I really feel for the family who had to give her up, as she has stolen my heart.  

Thank you GAP for getting us the perfect addition to our family J  You will never get her back!  ;)
With much gratefulness,
Lynn Wiffen and family