Lisa Scott, GAP Event Coordinator for Wellington and the Hutt, visited the UK this year and had the pleasure of meeting cartoonist Richard Skipworth:

"In November this year I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Skipworth, cartoonist and creator of the Greyhound Glossary 1 and 2 and many other amazing work.

As I was travelling to the UK and am inherently quite cheeky I thought I would message him via Facebook to see if he was interested in providing a cartoon for auction to raise funds for Greyhounds as Pets New Zealand. And to my surprise and gratitude he said yes.

Rich and his wife Gill invited my husband and me to their home in Worcester and were so generous with their time and I got to meet the gorgeous Magic and the wee foxy Humbug (also featured in cartoons but quite shy). He was quite embarrassed to be thought of as a celebrity and that I was so excited to meet him. I think he must have thought I was crazy to have flown half way around the world and drive 250 miles out of the way to meet him). So for most part we bragged incessantly about our amazing greyhounds and then he invited us to his studio and indulged me with showing how he creates his cartoons. His work is all computer generated and his wife Gill shared that when he is in creative mode there is a lot of mumbling and incoherent words coming out of the studio, and then voilà, he will have his design done in a day. Rich has been an artist for over 30 years and has owned several greyhounds but his hound Magic and ideas from his fans has been the focus on a lot of his time recently. He also designs for a company called Weird Fish where a lot of his other designs can be found.

When I asked him to design a cartoon for GAP, the brief was “New Zealand” themed and this is what he came up with. I must admit it took me a minute to actually see what he has created but I think it's perfect."

Make sure you place a bid for our TradeMe Auction to secure yourself this one of a kind piece of art and support our greyhounds at the same time. Auction closes Fri 27 Dec, 7:30 pm. Happy bidding!


Here is some photos from Lisa:

Magic, inspiration for Richard's cartoons, wearing his New Zealand-themed paua collar.

Richard Skipworth at work.


GAP's Lisa Scott with Richard Skipworth and Magic.

The one of a kind New Zealand cartoon donated by Richard Skipworth.

ICYMI - Richard Skipworth Richard Skipworth is a well-known cartoonist and illustrator from Worcestershire, UK and author of the popular Greyhound Glossary Volume 1 and 2. Packed full of greyhound cartoons showing the antics of his greyhound, the Greyhound Glossary also provides humorous definitions for many of the unique greyhound behaviours.




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