New Wellington/ Hutt Event Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Thornton and my wife & I have two greyhounds - Notch & Sophie.

Our first introduction to greyhounds was the GAP stand at the Petone Fair in either 2010 or 2011, although at the time we were renting and unable to have a dog.

In 2011 we moved to Western Australia, returning to the NZ in 2016. A few months later a greyhound came running up our driveway. It had escaped from a house across the road, and we took its appearance as a bit of a sign. We started the adoption process based on our interest from that Petone Fair, resulting in adopting Notch.  I then started doing some volunteer work at the Levin kennels, and took Notch along to a few GAP events.

Late in 2017 we added Sophie to our family. She is almost the spitting image of Notch, with colours and markings so similar many people assume they’re siblings. Along with Notch and Sophie we also have our cat Charlie.

I enjoy promoting greyhounds (and Greyhounds as Pets), knowing from experience that the one time someone sees a greyhound might plant the seed that leads to an adoption in the future. 

Earlier this year I put my hand up to take over the role of Event Coordinator for the Hutt/Wellington area from Lisa Scott, however along came Covid and the lockdown, meaning many events were postponed or cancelled for a period of time.

Now that things are beginning to settle I’ve had the opportunity to get along to a few of the local monthly walks in my area to meet people, and with the big event season coming up I hope to meet even more of you at those. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering you can contact me at