Homeopathy and your hound

As a homeopath based in Napier I see people with chronic and acute illness every day. It never ceases to amaze me how this form of natural, safe, effective medicine has the ability to trigger the body's innate ability to heal itself and often within minutes, hours or days. The medicines are mainly made from plant, mineral and animal material and instead of treating the disease, we try to find the substance which matches the whole person and the presenting complaints. That means various factors must be considered: What is the causation? What makes the symptoms better or worse? What is the personality and reaction of the person when unwell? Therefore there is no "one remedy per complaint or disease€. This is why homeopathy is so highly effective because it is very specific but also why it can be hard to get it right. Obviously the same principal applies to animals.

Since 2008 we have had the pleasure of our greyhound Bonnie, formerly Sally's Babe. As you can imagine I have also been treating all of her health issues with homeopathy. Her state of health, very balanced character, glossy fur are often commented on. Therefore I have been asked to share some wisdom with other greyhound owners.

When we got Bonnie her digestion was a real issue, variable stool, often diarrhoea, bloating and LOTS of gas. Firstly I stopped all beef and gave her a homeopathic remedy called Lycopodium which also fit her personality of being the dominant dog and headstrong when confident and submissive when not. Immediately her digestion settled. Then she had bladder issues which were quickly resolved along with her nervousness and anxiety. When she peeled the skin off all 4 legs after chasing rabbits in the sand dunes and was stopped by a wire fence, homeopathy sped up her recovery. The vet was amazed. Arnica for the wounds, Ledum for the threat of infection, Aconite for the shock were just some of the remedies given to her.

A great remedy for the terror dogs experience with fireworks is Stramonium 30C should Rescue Remedy in their water not do the trick. I recommend every new dog owner should give their pet Rescue Remedy daily for 4-6 weeks until trust and a sense of relaxation is achieved.

Due to the years of racing, the medication and treatment our dogs have endured most of them show signs of stress and thyroid imbalances like huge bald patches and dull looking fur, anxiety and restlessness, poor digestion. Homeopathy is a fabulous way to resolve all these issues quickly, naturally and without any side effects. Do consider consulting a veterinary homeopath should your dog not be thriving as he/she should or there be some behavioural issues.

Last but not least when your beloved greyhound does have to leave the family and the grief feels unbarable try some Ignatia 200C and take 2-3 pillules within 1-2 days. You will still be sad but the grief will be manageable and you can accept more easily what cannot be changed.

Homeopathic remedies can be bought at health shops and some pharmacies. You can also order them from Selene Homeopathic Pharmacy in Tauranga or Simillimum in Wellington.

I hope this has been helpful and given you some options. Enjoy every day with these amazing dogs.

Heidi Beck RCHom