Happy Easter!



Easter, like any holiday, can be overwhelming for your Greyhound. Keep any eye on them during the weekend for any signs of discomfort or stress.

Remember to keep an eye out for sneaky snacks! Chocolates and hot cross buns look and smell AMAZING, even to Greyhounds but are very harmful so make sure to keep them out of reach. If you have any concerns or need to get in contact, our team at GAP will be available. Check the roster below for contacts.


Friday 7th April - Matt (National Operations Manger) 027 229 0767

Saturday 8th April - Rehoming Team closest to your area

Sunday 9th April - Matt (National Operations Manger) 027 229 0767

Monday 10th April - Bec (Aftercare, Training & Behaviour Consultant) 021 773 331


If you're planning to stay at home during the weekend, why not get your Greyhound involved with a dog friendly easter egg hunt! 

Hide their favourite treats all around the house or the backyard for them to sniff out. Sniffing is a great form of exercise for dogs, with 20 minutes of sniffing being equivalent to 1 hours walk! You could hide a piece of hotdog under the couch, scatter their treats on a blankets and fold it up, or scatter it all around the back yard. Just make sure to keep an eye while they hunt and no chocolates or real easter eggs are hidden away for them to find.

Have a safe and happy Easter!