These are hard times. COVID-19 has driven our nation into lockdown, the economy is trembling, and the invisible hand of disease seems to be reaching for us through thin air. We never thought we’d see the day, but here we are – for the good of our team, volunteers and the public, our normal re-homing activities have now been suspended.


These are hard times. And so what about all of our innocent hounds, caught up in this tidal wave of historic world events? Life is a cliff hanger these days but we don’t want to leave you in suspense.

Every single dog in our care was either adopted or placed in foster care before doors creaked closed for the level 4 lockdown. Every. Single. Dog.

We asked for help New Zealand and you came running. This was a monumental undertaking for both our rehoming team and the amazing people who welcomed a greyhound into their home to shelter and learn how to be goodest boys and goodest girls. We can’t even.


These are hard times. So with the houndies tucked away nice and snug with their forever homes or foster families, what about the rest of what we do? We will do all the work we can within the measures of safety and law.

  • We are not adopting dogs during lockdown.
  • The online shop is not shipping during lockdown.
  • All greyhound walks and events are postponed until further notice.

  • We are accepting online adoption applications for future adoptions.
  • We are conducting virtual home checks for future adoptions.
  • We are accepting foster applications because we will need you in the future.
  • We are providing aftercare and advice for adopters and foster carers.
  • We are taking online shop orders for future delivery.
  • We will keep promoting greyhounds and greyhound adoption because that’s what we do and ain’t no virus gonna tell us otherwise.


These are hard times. So GAP is engaging with Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) to seek recognition as an essential service. We are gearing up for battle stations.

We are anticipating an increased need to rehome greyhounds and preparing to respond to an increase in greyhound welfare cases. We believe we can safely provide an essential service by providing homes and foster homes for dogs whose welfare is compromised, or at risk. When greyhounds are at risk, GAP should be there to enter the fray and bring that dog to safety.


These are hard times. Now, more than ever, these hounds need your support. While GAP is an adoption programme, we also need to provide critical greyhound welfare response as well as continuous care and support for the greyhound community.

Times are hard…and scary, we know. But if you have the ability to donate anything to Greyhounds as Pets, please, do so now. We will use your support like fuel in the tank so that we can keep going, keep caring for our dogs and be ready for action the moment we are needed. 

To support Greyhounds as Pets at this critical hour please visit https://givealittle.co.nz/donate/org/gap.


Be safe. Be kind. Cuddle your dogs.

We are a community.

We are Greyhounds as Pets.



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