Who would have ever guessed the that adopted greyhounds and giant caterpillars would be such a fairytale match made in heaven?

Here's the story - once upon a time (back in 2016), a greyhound owner bought a giant caterpillar toy from The Warehouse and told some other greyhound owners about it in a Facebook group. Other owners then started going out and getting giant caterpillars for their own hounds and sharing the pictures online. Then people started posting pictures of their hounds with the caterpillars on the Warehouse Facebook page and voila, suddenly it was 'A THING'! So many hounds and so many giant caterpillars - it actually became impossible to find a giant caterpillar on the shelf. Fast forward to 2020 and the giant caterpillars are back! A whole new crop of greyhounds now get switch between snuggling or play fighting with their beloved caterpillars, or 'cuddlepillars, as many are now calling them. There is no way of knowing how many greyhounds in New Zealand have a giant caterpillar but we do know that the legend of greyhounds and caterpillars has made it all the way to the United States as we have even seen an enquiry from an American greyhound owner asking where she can get one herself! Does your hound have a giant caterpillar? Or some other special toy? Share your photos in the Greyhounds as Pets NZ Facebook Group! You can find the original Warehouse photo album here: https://www.facebook.com/TheWarehouseNZ/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154343104161474



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