GAP Community Walk and Events

GAP group walks are an enjoyable way for rehomed Greyhounds and their owners to get together. It’s a great opportunity to talk about all things Greyhound and most hounds love the company of their own kind.  

As a responsible organisation GAP has some requirements and recommendations about how both on and off lead walks are organised and run.

Safety and maintaining a positive public image of the breed and GAP as an organisation is vital.

All dogs at a GAP organised walk or event must be on a lead, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this. This is for the safety of other Greyhounds and owners, members of the public, wildlife, other dogs and the hound themselves.

Outside of GAP organised events owners can choose to use or not use a lead, on the understanding that they are following local bylaws and that the Dog Control Act requires an owner to have control of their dog at all times.


While it is not a requirement, we encourage the use of muzzles for on lead walks as a safety precaution, particularly for recently adopted greyhounds whose owners are still learning how they react to new situations.

Some hounds may enjoy a group event so much they become overstimulated and react unpredictably. A muzzle should be used and appropriate space allowed for when walking with the group.

Greyhounds in Foster care are required to be muzzled in public unless otherwise stated by the Rehoming Team Lead.

If there is an off-lead component to a group walk muzzles must be worn by all off-lead greyhounds, again there are no exceptions to this requirement, no muzzle, no off lead session.

If you are unsure of what is required at an event you plan to attend check with your local Event Coordinator, they are happy to advise.

For more information about your Greyhound in social situations check out these resources The Social Hound | Greyhounds as Pets