Things are changing at GAP. Here is an update on what has been happening.


Saying goodbye to Annamarie and Jon at Hampton Downs

From 1st of July, Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) will be setting up their new kennel base in Cambridge in the Waikato to service the Upper North Island for the purpose of the rehoming of greyhounds. Unfortunately, this means that from July 1st we will have to say goodbye to Annamarie and Jon and our Hampton Downs kennel base. Annamarie and Jon have placed hundreds of GAP greyhounds into happy homes and were a significant part of our operation. We are very grateful for their hard work over the last 5 years!


Changes for GAP in the Upper North Island

The initial intake of greyhounds from trainers for the Upper North Island from 1st July will be undertaken by GRNZ’s Waikato kennel base. GAP will operate out of this kennel base. With our new way of operating, we a recruiting a Rehoming Team Lead and are building a rehoming team in Auckland.


Changes ahead for Levin and Christchurch

GRNZ will in the future be managing the Levin kennel base and also the GAP South Island kennel base with a handover period over the next couple of months. Again, GAP will be able to operate out of both kennel bases once these are under GRNZ management.

The Levin kennel base has received a makeover, increasing its capacity to over 60 dogs. Christina will still be the adopter contact for the Lower North Island and will be the trainer contact until the handover is complete and trainers will be further advised.

In the South Island, Calum & May will remain the trainer contact and GAP is currently recruiting a Rehoming Team Lead. We will let you know more in the near future.


Important info for applicants:

  • If you have just applied, your application will go through the usual process including a home visit.
  • If your application has already been forwarded to the kennels, we will be in touch soon, letting you know where your application is at and still aim to find the perfect match for you as soon as possible.
  • If you have any questions regarding your application, please email


Important info for trainers:

  • Although we have ceased the intake of dogs at Hampton Downs this week, intake will resume soon into GRNZ’s new Waikato base and you will be advised through separate communication.
  • Intake at Levin and Rangiora will remain unchanged until the handover to GRNZ is completed and you will be advised of the timelines. This change should be seamless.
  • Until advised otherwise, we will be working through the GAP waiting list and call dogs in order. So please do continue to put your dogs on the GAP waiting list via GAP’s website.
  • Capacity in all three kennel bases will be increased over time with the handover to GRNZ, making it easier for us to rehome many more greyhounds.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on

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