Have a greyhound-sized space in your home? But not in the position right now to adopt one (or another one ;)) permanently? Then here is your opportunity to become a GAP Foster Carer. We are looking for more Foster Carers all over New Zealand.

We are expanding National Foster Programme (exciting!) and are seeking people who are passionate about animal welfare, and dogs in particular, with the ability and the time to provide a safe and caring environment to help our lovely greyhounds prepare for their new lives as pets.

You will receive a comprehensive introduction to the programme as well as ongoing training and support. GAP will provide dog food, any necessary health care, and all the associated dog paraphernalia (e.g. leash, bed, coats, crate) necessary to ensure your foster hound settles and thrives during their time with you. Time in foster will vary for each dog, from a few days to a few months, depending on the circumstances of each dog, and the capacity of the foster home.

You will be required to follow the foster plan provided with each hound, which may include learning the pet dog basics like toilet training and playing with toys, as well as a gradual introduction to new experiences and challenges they may face as a pet; from conquering stairs and windows, to coping with other animals and humans. You will need to provide regular updates on your hound’s progress to the Rehoming Team. And we would love you to take heaps of photos, share them on social media, and help promote greyhounds as wonderful pets!

So if you want to make a difference, and think you might have some hound-appropriate space in your home, please contact us at foster@gap.org.nz or apply through our online application form.

View the oppportunity on Seek Volunteer or check out our website for more info.

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