Foster Carers Needed!

We are in dire need of foster carers all across New Zealand, especially in the Auckland area!

If you've ever thought about adopting a Greyhound, but not fully commited yet, fostering is the perfect way to help support our Greyhounds, while getting a feel of what being pawrent will be like! 

Learn more about fostering here - or hear from one of our amazing fosterers experience below!

Kristan + Pickle (Our Rick)

Kristan, one of our lovely foster carers in Auckland, is currently fostering Pickle (Our Rick), the beautiful 6-year-old boy you’ve probably seen on our Facebook page! They have been loving each other’s company, going on adventures and learning more about themselves and each other.  

“Fostering, in many ways, has provided me with consistency, provided me with work life balance (now I know I can't work late otherwise I'll come home to a grumpy and hungry dog), and provided me a sense of purpose.” 

Kristan loves the freedom fostering provides, as he lives the best of both worlds with Pickle. 

“The best part about fostering is the benefit of having a dog in your life without the long-term commitment of knowing you will be responsible for them for the rest of their life. One day, adoption will be great for me, but right now it’s not the best solution.”


Fostering is such a vital part in helping a greyhound on their way to their forever home and perfect for those not sure about adoption just yet. 

“Fostering allowed me a trial run of having a dog in my home, and it vindicated my decision that adoption isn't the right choice for me right now, and fostering is much better. Plus I can help more dogs this way!

It's a very easy, low stress way to see what it's like having a dog in your home. It's good from a cost perspective because vet bills and food are paid for by GAP, so you just cover treats and pretty things for your hound. 

There will be teething issues at the start, your dog will get mad at you, you will get mad at your dog, and so on and so forth, however it's a normal part of bringing an animal into your home. The benefit is if you find that you're not quite ready to adopt yet, that's ok - the dog is only in your home temporarily until adopted, so you know it will get adopted at some stage, you're merely providing a safe space for them.” 


We are truly grateful for all our foster carers who open their homes and have endless love and patience for our Greyhounds, helping them with a smooth transition into pet life. If you are currently unable to adopt, fostering is your chance to play a vital part in helping a greyhound on their way into their new home. We are currently in need of more fosterers around New Zealand! Learn more about fostering and how you can get involved below. 

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