How to begin to describe the ten amazing years with my gorgeous boy Boxer?

I guess start at the beginning which was a phone call from GAP telling me they'd found me a dog. I was in Wellington at meetings all day. Never mind Jacqui says, you could do a one-way car hire and drive back to Auckland, picking him up on the way. So I did (very persuasive lady Jacqui)!

So I got GAP dog no. 36, Boxer, formerly known as Allegro Comet. You could take him anywhere, he was so cruisey, laidback and calm - he was even loving if you can read the subtle signs. I lost him on 19th April at the grand old age of 15 years and 3 months to both old age and Lymphoma, and am truly blessed to have had so much time with him. Perhaps this is how he would remember some of the highlights of his illustrious career post track, in no particular order€¦.

Why do they keep dropping things by my head don't they know I'm too much of a dude to react? I'm a Therapy Pet now? Cool!

You want us to do what? Run across Vector Arena stage in the dark while Crowded House play€¦.okidoki. Mmmm this green room just for the hounds is nice.

Greyhound Racing Awards dinner - step away from the pot plants€¦..oh there's Arch Williams who raced me after Brendan Cole brought me in from Oz, I look what Arch? Fat? Well, I am a pet now you know!

A wedding€¦in a forest, how awesome is that?

Jog the Dog - more dress up, really? Aren't we handsome enough without the accessories?

Big Gay Out? Don't mind if I do though do I really have to wear the cowboy hat? Oooo hello Prime Minister!

Auckland Cup Parade - man this float wobbles and I think Lynda's going to fall off her chair!

Housecheck, housecheck, housecheck, if I have to lie on one more strange floor I swear I'll€¦

Auckland Santa Parade - gosh these roads are hot, hot, hot but the fairies are cute!

Look Ma, I made the calendar!

So there you have it, what a life and as he got older he got softer and sweeter, you can't beat an old hound. Farewell Boxer, my gorgeous boy and legendary hound, always missed, never forgotten. X

Jo Monaghan