Here's some more news on what is going on in our team:

At GAP we have lots of staff, contractors, volunteers and of course hounds involved in showing you what amazing pets our greyhounds make. To take our marketing efforts to the next level, we now have Daniel Bohan on board as Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Daniel is not new to GAP, he has been the Wellington & Central West Regional Coordinator for nearly three years.

Daniel will amongst a lot of other things run our digital marketing channels and all GAP communications. If you want to support us, sponsor us, for anything marketing related and all media enquiries, please get in touch with Daniel on or 021 085 396 87.

Here is a personal note from Daniel:

"I first became involved with Greyhounds as Pets following the adoption of my best pal Syrus (Bolt Rama). Syrus is a quiet, loyal, loving friend and has been my constant companion since the day he entered our home and our hearts. It has been my great honour to serve GAP and the greyhound community as a Regional Coordinator and I'm excited to move into this new role, helping to increase both the number of greyhound adoptions as well as the visibility and awareness of greyhounds as a family pet. What we are offering is love - pure, cuddly love - and that is as true today as it was from the time of our inception.

I will use my business background and experience as a sales and marketing manager in the IT and telecommunications space to keep GAP's communications strategy fresh while remaining focused on the bond of heartstrings that tie our greyhounds to the families they become a part of. "



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