Annoucing our new Accell Therapy Sponsorship!

Exciting news for GAP! We’re excited to announce our new relationship with Accell/Equissage who kindly donated two full Accell therapy centres, which contain a hand unit and a large therapy mat, to our kennel bases. Our retired greyhounds will receive this treatment while in our care and new adopters are given an information pack including a DVD and a voucher for a free treatment and money off the purchase price if interested. Find out more about the benefits of this therapy below:


Increase Circulation | Improve Lymphatic Drainage | Relax Tired Muscles | Improve Joint Mobility

Accell/Equissage is Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT).  Accell/Equissage CVT devices provide a unique easy to use equine therapy system, medically proven to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage through 4 foot of bone and 2 foot of tissue. Accell/Equissage is proven to be totally non-aggressive, natural and free from side effects.  Equissage is currently used by competitors across all Canine and Equine disciplines, as well as by pleasure riders and owners to relax tired muscles, relieve tension, improve joint mobility and increase stride length. Accell/Equissage is a safe, non-aggressive, non-invasive way to improve the health and performance of horses and dogs, keeping them soft and supple. Unlike most Therapies, Accell/Equissage can be used daily to provide continued benefits for your horses and dogs.


For more info, watch this video on YouTube or head to their website or Facebook page: and and