Raced into Our Hearts Forever


We are so very saddened to tell of Lilo’s passing, peacefully, gently and softly as she lived her life.

Lilo – the hound who

Never asked to go for a walk, but catapulted to the door when car keys rattled.

Never asked for food but licked up every carpet crumb

Never nudged a half opened door – never sure she should

Never minded you leaving

Never noticed when you came back

Never refused what was asked of her

Never let discomfort show

Never let a stranger pass by without saying “Stay awhile, know me.

Never wanted to be anywhere else but home


Your grace, your strength and your beauty shone through until the end.

Rest peacefully Lilo in the knowledge that you were so loved and your quiet endless devotion will never be forgotten.



Death belongs to life as birth does.

The walk is in the raising of the foot as in the laying of it down.

Tagore, from Stray Birds, CCLXV11

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