Lilo - Angels Come in Black 

The Fountain of Youth


This the thing is – has Lilo discovered it? Is it something magical that she dug up in one of her multiple bunkers?

Or is it something she drank in the disgusting duck pond that she so loves to swim in? Who knows?

I have never believed the “Couch Potato” thing; Lilo is as far removed from a potato as a bottle of fine French champagne.

She is now twelve and a bit. Yes, a grey muzzle and slightly clouding eyes, but from those Northern peaked ears to the Southern muscled posterior is a lean, sleek and very busy body.


Lilo has resumed swimming in dramatic fashion. For the past year she has merely waded in the smelly duck pond, but last week she suddenly changed her Modus Operandi:


She abandoned the Wading Only area (above) and plunged into the deepest part and swam to the other side. Then instead of getting out, she swam back again. She now swims in the various duck ponds three times on every walk. She favours the one that looks like warm cabbage soup (below).

The Canada Geese hiss at her. She doesn’t bother them and expects the same courtesy back but she doesn’t get it – ever.



A rabbit appeared this week - at the very end of her favourite walking tunnel.

It thumbed its nose at her and then shot off, cleverly vanishing from Lilo’s not so beady sight line.

It is possible that she discovered her Youth Elixir when she stuck her nostrils into the “Entry/Exit” holes of my new Bumble bee hive.  Gus, the cat, did the same. The hive had just been filled with its new occupants and suddenly it became a Number One Attraction for these two.  Gus, so, much so that he lay down next to it for hours and appeared to be “enjoying the buzz”.

Fortunately for them the bees seem to have categorised them both as Pathetic Garden Ornaments

Recently a friend took Lilo for her walk and she decided to show off and “play up”. She shot off here, there and everywhere. Friend went left, she went right.  Friend ready to go home, Lilo went on and on and on, incorporating yet another swim just for kicks. Friend went to car, Lilo didn’t.

She savours a cooling hose off (twice a day) and always does an excited gallop to get inside once her rub down is done. 

Yes, after all that my black athlete eats, sleeps, dreams and twitches but you would, wouldn’t you? Long Live Lilo!

Lilo, Gus, Howard and I would like to wish you and our greyhound brothers and sisters, all owners, general greyhound admirers and GAP personnel a Very Happy Christmas and a Grand New Year.


Heather & Lilo




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