Hi all, Petal and Blue here.

Just touching base to let you know how we are getting on as it is nearly up to October - don't know where time has gone.

Miss you all and we are sorry that we can't get events this year we are sure all our friends will step up to the play. Good luck with all those pats and cuddles and working on increasing our fan club.

We hear that there was an election on. It was funny here, not a single billboard was present. Our humans nearly forgot about it and they had to check up on all that voting stuff and figure out who they were voting for. We found that we were under the Rongotai electorate??

Enough of that though. It has been a long few weeks. Our supply boat broke down and we had a temporary replacement which slowed the delivery of freight in. But lucky our stock of dog food was enough to get us through -  we wouldn't want to go hungry. The worst thing with the boat out of action was there was no petrol on the island so our car rides were very limited, but we coped. Lots of walks made up for it.

While talking about walking, during our numerous beach walks we have been meeting some funny looking creatures. One of them just laid there and laughed at us not sure what the joke was.


Daylight savings has started which means more fun at the end of the day when our humans come home. We are looking forward to it.with lots of lovely sunsets to admire while we walk along the beach.

There is a big weekend coming up with fun games and activities. We thought we might have a go at swan egg hunting, sounds like fun and we shouldn't get into too much trouble. We will let you know how we get on. There are prizes for the most eggs gathered and we are not allowed to harm the swans.


Missing you all Petal and Blue



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