In June, Petal and Blue started a new adventure with a move to the Chatham Islands - we look forward to following them in their new part of the world.

We were off on our new adventure in early June. Our home was packed up around us, then we were bundled into a car a taken into Wellington. We were then taken to a very busy Wellington airport - quite a change from our quiet lifestyle block in Martinborough!

Our humans were relocating to new jobs and lifestyles - so of course, we were going too! Once arriving at the airport we were parked in our crates, not sure what was about to happen next. In true greyhound fashion we laid down, took a nap and watched the world go by. We were abruptly awoken and driven out into a cool blasting Wellington wind towards an aeroplane.  Then lifted up to our new temporary accommodation to be surrounded by multiple food-related parcels which meant lots of interesting smells. Once packed in we went back to sleep for 90mins as we flew 800km south east of Wellington towards our new destination and home of the Chatham Islands.

This was the start of our new adventure. Once we had landed we had to wait patiently for our turn while the people and luggage was unloaded. Once back out in the wide world, we saw our humans and we could finally get out of our crates. We were told we had very well behaved on the flight. We also received a lot of pats from our passengers, many had never seen a real live greyhound let alone touched one.

We were told that we were the only greyhounds on the island with a people population of about 600.

Then we set off in a car to our new home, The Beach House in the township of Waitangi. An interesting fact was that during the flight we had closed a time zone and we were now 45 minutes ahead of Wellington which we had just left. We settled in well and discovered the we had a lovely long sandy beach to run on, only a couple of minutes walk from our home.

A couple of days after our arrival we lead New Zealand (and the world) as the first greyhounds taking part in the Great Global Greyhound Walk on Sunday 10th June at 10am Chatham Islands time.

Follow this link for a view of the beach.

Well that is all for now got lots of new smells and scenery to investigate. Will update you all shorty

Thinking of all our greyhound and people friends back home Petal and Blue

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