2024 Calendar Submissions *CLOSED*

Submissions are now closed! Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos of their hounds. We will select the lucky houndies who will be in our Calander and post regular updates on our Facebook page.



Submissions close midnight Sunday 27th of August 2023

We are on the hunt for some Greyhounds snaps to feature on our 2024 GAP Calendar! The pawfect present for any Greyhound/dog lover and what's better than having your own special furbaby in it?!

Whether it's a quick pic snapped on your phone, or an amazing photoshoot you and your hound did this year, we want to see them ALL! Submit your pics to calendar@gap.org.nz before the 27th of August and have your chance to be featured.

Submissions will ideally:

  • Be larger than 1 megabyte in size (both landscape or portrait is fine)
  • Hounds must be in focus (not the background)
  • Not contain watermarks as we may need to crop for size
  • Keep to a maximum of 3 images per hound (if you can – I know this is hard!)

Please be aware that your submission may be used by our Marketing team for future promotion activities and social media campaigns.

All images must be emailed to: calendar@gap.org.nz

Don’t forget to tell us your hounds name (retired and racing) so we can label the photos accordingly!

Have a whole album full of photos and don't know which 3 to pick? Here's a couple of tips on deciding which pic to pick!

  • Themes! Remember these pictures are for our GAP Calendar and with 12 months of the year, there are plenty of holidays and themes that can be connected to each month. Do you have a cute photo of your Greyhound with Santa? Or surrounded by spring flowers? Dressed up in a pink or red coat pawfect for Valentines day? Send em over! Who doesn't like seeing a cute Greyhound all dressed up?!
  • Let Greyhounds be Greyhounds! We want to see pictures of Greyhounds doing what Greyhounds do best! Sleeping, standing, walking, thinking, running, roaching, and just generally looking very greyhoundish! Think your Greyhound is the best roacher? Take a pic and send it over! Got a funny bed fail pic? Send it over! Do your hounds form a tetris like shape while sleeping together? Send it over!
  • The more the merrier! Although you can only send 3 pictures for submission, we'd love to see all your houndies and what better picture than a group snap?! Photos with 2 or more Greyhounds, your Greyhound with their doggy siblings or any other animals could make a great calendar photo! Not all Greyhounds get along with other animals or dogs so it's GREYT to see those that do, get along so well!
  • Remember, even if your submission doesn't get chosen, ALL submissions are stored away at GAP and could be used for future Marketing purposes e.g. Posters, Facebook/Instagram posts, E-Newsletter, Campaigns etc. So at the end of the day, pick 3 photos that best showcase your Greyhound just being themselves, which you would LOVE for the public to see. A picture you can point to and say "Yup, that's MY greyhound!"