Thank you for all yor photo submissions for our 2020 calendar!

Gorgeous and elegant, Fury (Deathstar) has made it on the cover this time! And here are the other 44 greyhounds that will keep you company throughout the year:

Andre (Zipping Andre), Apple (Appley Road), Asher (unraced), Ava (Thrilling Ava), Ben (unraced), Blake (Omega Senor), Blue (unraced), Brooke (Brooke Davis), Casey (Carly Rae Rama), Corsa (Krack It), Donald (Lakerville), Donna (Torqued Up), Diesel (Strike Lotto), Frank (Unraced), Freddie (Freddy Bedrock), Havoc (Thrilling Havoc), Honey (Retsina), Jett (It’s A Must), Jesse (Uncle Jesse), Lani (Mockingjay), Lily (Alamein Goldie), Logan (Thrilling Logan), Loki (Odin Slayer), Louis (Act Naturally), Luke (Idol Gee), Magma (Magma), Mickey (Van Gerwin), Meaty (Meteor Vege), Penny (Nana’s Girl), Perry (Opawa Perissa), Piggles (unraced), Piglet (unraced), Priceless (Fancy Freda), Rocko (Sandor Glegane), Roxy (Figlia), Sonic (Lochinvar Sonic), Spock (First Officer), Syrus (Bolt Rama), Tania (Opawa Tania), Tim (Tim’s Tiger), Wendy (Azandei), Wilbur (Jinja Willy), Wilson (Way Anchor), Zola (Dolly Scramble)

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