Finally, the new GAP Calendar 2019 is now available in the GAP Shop for pre-order. You can order now and it will be shipped hot off the press later in October. Again, limited edition, just $20 each, and we sold all out last year, so get in quick.

If you end up with nice photos of  your hounds throughout the year, feel free to send these to at any time. Note all photos need to be at least 300dpi to be the best quality for printing - we are taking both portrait and landscape pics! They will be printed up to about A4 size. Please only send in calendar quality pictures - the hounds need to be in focus - not the background. And if the file is less than 1MB, then it is probably not good enough quality and it's really sad if we have to eliminate lovely photos due to being too small. Please save each file with the dog's pet and racing names (or 'unraced') before sending it. By submitting your pictures you give Greyhounds as Pets full rights to use them. This may be for other promotional purposes other than the calendar.

Here are the calendar stars 2019 - 52 beautiful hounds to choose from:

Achilles  (Up  There  Herbie) | Al  (Scodelario) | Albion  (Pressure Point) | Asher  (unraced) | Astro  (unraced) | Axl  (Kotumba) | Axle  (Boon  Dock) | Ben (unraced) | Beryl  (Winsome  Deluxe) | Blondie  (Fancy  Kate) | Bonnie  (Forever  Within) | Brodie (Top Deal) | Brooke  (Brooke  Davis) | Casey  (Carly  Rae  Rama) | Clay (Bullabakanka) | Cleo  (unraced) | Donna  (Torqued  Up) | Ellie  (Botany  Holly) | Frank (unraced) | Fury  (Deathstar) | Gina  (Gina  Mac)  &  Nij | Gracie  (Gracie  Rose) | Jake (Spiral Ebony) | Jammy  (Macjam) | Jem  (unraced) | Jesse  (Uncle Jesse) | Jorge  (Agent  Jorge) | Kara  (Revlon  Girl) | Kenny  (Acamas) | King  (Le  Roi) | Kiwi  (Enforced Kiwi) | Lani  (Mockingjay) | Logan  (Thrilling  Logan) | Luke  (Thrilling  Luke) | Maggie  (unraced) | Patch  (Opawa  Patch) | Piglet  (unraced) | Priceless  (Fancy  Freda) | Raro  (Lochinvar  Camaro) | Raven  (Joyner  Kersee) | Roxy  (Figlia) | Seal (unraced) | Skippy  (Go  With  It) | Sushi  (Chinese  Magic) | Tess (Tess Tokaam) | Turbo (One Anna Half) | Vulcan  (Sunset  Spock) | Zedd (Boss Wave) | Zeiko (unraced) | Zeva  (unraced) | Zola (Dolly Scramble)

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