Wellington Blue Ribbon Walk

On Easter Sunday the Wellington greyhound community held its inaugural Blue Ribbon Walk. This will be an annual event to remember the hounds we have lost over the previous year, with the hounds wearing blue collars or ribbons. The blue is in honour of Kojo, owned by Ann and John Pilkington of Upper Hutt, who died the previous weekend, and always wore a blue collar.

Over 40 greyhounds and their owners took part in the walk which drew much attention along the harbour walkway.

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Update on Frank

Frank came into GAP as a non-chaser just after his first birthday and found his new home less than two weeks later. He now lives in Auckland with the Grice family. Nancy writes:

Frank has been part of our family for nearly two years now.  I still clearly remember the day he was collected from the Manukau stadium.  It was certainly love at first sight on my part!

Update on Igor - formerly Face (Wise Crack Lad)

Just an update re Face (now Igor).  He will be five on Sunday and I will make sure he has a lovely day.   I got a companion for him just over a month ago.  She is a Weimaraner (same breed I had before and who died aged nearly 15) and only 16 months old, so very lively and frisky.  Her name is Ishtar, from Hamilton.  She and Igor play together a lot and chase each other around the garden and have play fights.  She is very fond of him but sometimes just keeps on and on mouthing him and trying to get him to chase her, and he sometimes finds it a bit annoying so growls at her to put her in her

Training Tips and Tricks Part 11 - Alpha Theory?

If you Google dog training you get over 57 million results! There are so many different ideas out there on how to get the best out of your dog. Since adopting our second greyhound (the first was almost perfect, the second needed help in her perfection) I have read just about everything I can get my hands on. I've also spoken to, and had coaching from, numerous trainers and have been to a number of seminars. There is so much conflicting advice out there and in the beginning it was very hard  to decide what to try first.

Update on Kirsty (Ohoka Taylor)

From the middle of the pack to the middle of the lounge

I pinch myself every morning, wondering if I am dreaming. This new life with my humans is amazing.

I loved my previous life and seriously loved my owner and trainer, but let's face it, I just wasn't that fast. Perhaps I liked to be part of a pack and wasn't comfortable out front. Perhaps I was dreaming of a different life and my daydreaming stopped me from focusing on my racing.

Update on Coco (Just Teasing)

"My name is now Coco but I used to be known as Beauty. I have been in my forever home for two years now. I was very timid when I first came here but now I am a very confident girl.

 I have a big, soft, squishy bed with my own blanket and pillow but I prefer to sleep on my mum and dad's bed, but only when they are not in it. I have my very own toy basket filled with heaps of toys to keep my company when they are at work and I don't have to share them.

Update on Po (Natalia Bale)

April 2013 saw my husband Kevin and I visit the Pet Expo in Christchurch. We had recently lost our GSD/Collie X and I was missing having him around so much. I have always been fascinated by Greyhounds and enjoyed meeting them at various events in the UK. At the Pet Expo, to my delight, I found Greyhounds As Pets with plenty of hounds for me to pet. We got talking and was asked if we would consider adopting.

Update from Miles

"My name is Miles. I turned four years old on January the 10th and my new family adores me. I am the newest addition to the Meredith Melhuish household, my new pack leaders are Kim and Kingsley, and Courtney, Cyrus and Pele are the next in line. We live in a three storey renovated shop right on Symonds St in central Auckland. I like to hang out on the deck, jumping up and staring out to the Waitakeres, keeping a keen eye on the cats in the area.  

Training Tips and Tricks Part 10 - After the Honeymoon "Food and Lead Manners"

This blog carries on from last month's 'After the Honeymoon'.

So your lovely easy to lead and feed hound has had a complete personality change and is now pulling at the lead and diving at his food. Arghh! What to do?

Your hound needs to learn that nothing is for free and you need to teach him how to behave in a way that will strengthen your relationship and make you a really important figure in your hound's life.

Food Manners

This is the most valuable training tool you have for food motivated hounds. Plus it enables all of them to engage their brain.

Training Tips and Tricks Part 9 - "After The Honeymoon"

Most hounds adapt to pet life with ease but it is fair to say that there are usually a few minor hiccups along the way.  After six - eight weeks your hound has really started to settle into his new life and it can be with this timing that issues start to pop up. Your hounds' confidence is up and he is really starting to relax into his new home.

Your hound may use this opportunity to test the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour in the home - see my previous blog for furniture etiquette and training your hound what is acceptable around furniture.


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