GAP and the Greyhound Racing Industry in New Zealand.

Greyhounds As Pets in an independent registered charitable trust formed in 2005

Our sole aim is to find loving homes for retired racing greyhounds.

We are governed by an independent board of trustees comprising individuals with strengths in business, animal welfare, veterinary and the greyhound racing industry. Our charity is made up of all types of greyhound enthusiasts from first time dog owners to knowledgeable dog owners and trainers. We welcome everyone who is passionate about the breed to get involved, enjoy greyhound ownership and help promote our adoption programme.

As individuals you may form your own opinions about the racing industry here in New Zealand.

GAP is for the rehoming of retired racing greyhounds and is against abuse in any form for any animal of any kind.

We pride ourselves on the excellent work that the retired racing greyhound community has achieved in New Zealand as evidenced by the continued increase in annual adoption figures.

Gap’s staff, coordinators and volunteers conduct a series of ongoing events, training seminars, information collateral and community walks to educate and inform the public about what wonderful pets re-homed greyhounds make.

We are not government funded and rely on the sponsorship and donations from businesses and individuals. Greyhound Racing New Zealand show its support for our charity by being one of our major sponsors to guarantee greyhounds leaving the racing industry are cared for and helped placed in the best retirement homes possible.

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