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Regular donations are the lifeblood of our programme. It means we can plan ahead knowing that we have funds available to care for the dogs. It means our kennelling costs are always covered and it’s especially important when it comes to deciding whether to go ahead with an expensive vet operation.

Corns are a good example of an incredibly painful condition which can make it impossible to home an otherwise healthy dog. It’s a tricky little operation which can be expensive in severe cases.

Dental infections are another greyhound speciality – who wants to adopt a greyhound with smelly breath!  Teeth extractions, as most will know, are an expensive but vital procedure to ensure optimum health and a loving relationship with your family.

Blood tests, eye drops, thyroid medication and tail infections are other relatively common veterinary expenses which we need help with.

Our Steadfast Friends’ donations help our greyhounds go on to live happy and full lives with their new owners.


You can see who you are helping by looking for the heart on the We Need Homes page.

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If you would like to become a Steadfast Friend bank details are on the automatic payment form.

Tax Rebates

All donations are eligible for a tax rebate of 33.3% so please send us your contact details and we will automatically send you a donation receipt at the end of the tax year.

Thank you!

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