Racing Name: 
Jetsun Jamie
5 years
Black with white markings.
Cat Trainable: 
This dog has a home waiting

Playful, excitable, cuddly and confident Jamie is looking for a dog savvy family. 

Jamie has been lucky enough to land himself a stint with one of our fantastic foster carers. He is currently living with a female hound and has been busy exploring Taupo, meeting other dogs and getting acquainted with the comforts and routines of pet living. His recall is coming along  nicely too which is fab! 

He is a clever boy and has potential to make a wicked training buddy so would enjoy a home where he will get to do plenty of fun training games to keep his mind happy. 

Jamie LOVES the company of people and would be happiest in a home where he'll get to hang out with you most of the time or have a dog buddy. He can be excitable around little kids if they're zooming around, but has met many of them and with sensible supervision has been just fine. 

Here’s what his foster family has to say:

Jamie is a super affectionate hound with loads of enthusiasm for life. Loves to be around people (and tolerant of all sizes - though the smallest need to be reminded that if they are running Jamie will assume it's a race and join in!) and very deserving of finding his forever home. He will be a loyal companion, happy to just be included in life.

Jamie has met lots of dogs of all sizes, always super keen to introduce himself and happy to have a race around the back garden. 

Jamie has learnt lots about pet life, and he's been really quick to learn. His 3 favourite things - seeing his people at the end of their work day, the rattle of keys at the front door (which is even better if lead and muzzle appear), and his dinner - though he is a perfect gentleman and will happily share his food with anyone (possibly expects the same in return).



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