Racing Name: 
Sydenham Bye Bye
13 years
White & Black
Cat Trainable: 

Still fabulous. Now sometimes going into the garden independently - and playing. Know that my real name was always Madge and Lucy my middle name. Helped make a cake yesterday, and fresh bread this morning - it was really delicious, but mother became extremely cross about my trying it out. After she picked it up from the floor and cut around the bit I had eaten, she had a huge amount for lunch and didn't offer me any. There was a big fluffy cat in the garden and I've been told to give them the evil eye, not to chase. The evil eye worked but I think it was mother's, not mine. Did Robyn tell you I have learned to go down stairs like Elle McPherson? Gosh, I am elegant. Now have a bed in the workshop where mother paints, one on the sitting room floor by the fire and one in a little passage when mother goes out. The nice neighbours came over to chat to me yesterday when mother went out for an hour or so. We visited 2 elderly women yesterday, one was 89 and the other 94. They thought I was wonderful because it was terribly warm in the room so I went to sleep quite quickly. And they liked my red dress. I'll keep you posted!

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