We have a team of volunteers, who are existing greyhound owners, and are available to visit you at your own home prior to adoption to help you prepare and answer any questions. They will also check out your fencing and get more information to enable us to find the right match for you.

Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) has in 2019 established the Great Mates rehoming programme and is taking dogs straight from the trainer when they leave the racing industry. They are thoroughly vet checked and temperament-assessed before they enter our GAP programme.

At GAP we either rehome hounds straight from the three GRNZ kennels (located in Cambridge, Levin, and Rangiora) or we rehome from our nationwide network of volunteer foster homes. Our foster carers gradually introduce the hounds to the big wide world one paw at a time and give them a head start learning what pet life is all about.



Our Rehoming Team Leads personally know the greyhounds available for adoption and will have a conversation with you about your individual expectations of owning a pet greyhound so we can make the best possible match.

Other information that helps us to make a match includes:

  • What prior dog experience you have
  • The personalities of any other pets living at home
  • Whether young children live at the home
  • If the greyhound is better with company rather than being left alone
  • How easily engaged and responsive to training the greyhound is
  • The individual greyhounds’ personality e.g. whether they are more outgoing or reserved, whether they are more active or laid back.



We provide new adopters with a comprehensive adoption pack including training and behaviour information on settling your greyhound into the home, their vet information, instructions on how to register your hound with your local council and register their microchip, as well as contact details for local businesses that we recommend. We have a GAP store where you can purchase all manner of paraphernalia for your new family member either before or at the time of adoption.

It is important for us to ensure that you continue to feel supported after adoption and that is why we have an Adoption Aftercare Behaviour and Training Consultant. With phone and email contact over the first three months post adoption, as well as ongoing availability for the lifetime of your greyhound, we are here to help. We encourage new adopters to become involved with their local community of passionate GAP owners and get to know other hounds and their families.



If you agree with us that greyhounds make fantastic pets, why not have a look at our dogs for adoption and fill in an application form. We will be with you every step of the adoption process and we are here with support and advice long after you adopted your new best friend.

If you are not convinced yet, make sure you come meet us and the hounds at one of our events. We are sure they will cast a spell on you.

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